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Laundry Accessories & Cleaners

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Get the Best Laundry Appliance Accessories At Bekins

Welcome to Bekins

Your premier destination for a wide range of laundry appliance accessories. We offer a diverse selection of laundry pedestals, detergent-less laundry systems, drying racks, laundry detergents, and laundry machine cleaners. Explore our collection and discover the best laundry appliance accessories to enhance your laundry experience.

Laundry Pedestals for Added Convenience

Elevate your washer and dryer with laundry pedestals. These accessories not only provide extra storage space for your laundry essentials but also raise your appliances to a more comfortable height, reducing the need for bending and straining. With sleek designs and durable construction, our laundry pedestals are the perfect addition to your laundry room.

Detergent-Less Laundry Systems for Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Consider a detergent-less laundry system for a more eco-friendly approach to cleaning your clothes. These innovative systems use advanced technologies to clean your laundry without the need for traditional detergents. They are not only gentle on your clothes but also help reduce the environmental impact by minimizing detergent usage and water waste.

Drying Racks for Delicate Items

Protect your delicate garments by using drying racks. These accessories provide a gentle and convenient way to dry your delicates without subjecting them to the rigors of a traditional dryer. With various styles and sizes available, you can find the perfect drying rack to fit your laundry room space and meet your drying needs.

Laundry Detergents for Optimal Cleaning Results

Choose from our selection of high-quality laundry detergents to achieve the best cleaning results for your clothes. Our range includes detergents formulated to tackle tough stains, protect colors, and provide a fresh and clean scent. With trusted brands and effective formulations, our laundry detergents ensure exceptional cleaning performance with every wash.

Laundry Machine Cleaners for Maintenance and Longevity

Maintain the performance and longevity of your laundry machines with our range of machine cleaners. These specialized cleaners remove residue, odors, and build-up from your washer and dryer, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Regular use of laundry machine cleaners helps prevent issues and keeps your appliances running smoothly.

Shop for the Best Laundry Appliance Accessories

At Bekins, we are committed to offering the best laundry appliance accessories to enhance your laundry routine. We partner with leading brands known for their quality and innovation to provide you with exceptional products that deliver convenience, efficiency, and optimal cleaning results.

Upgrade your laundry experience with our selection of laundry appliance accessories. Explore our catalog and find the perfect additions to complement your laundry appliances and meet your specific needs.

If you have any questions or need assistance in selecting the right laundry appliance accessories, our knowledgeable team is here to help. Shop with confidence at Bekins and elevate your laundry routine with the best accessories available. You can find our showrooms located in the Grand Haven and Grand Rapids, MI areas. If you have any questions give us a call or stop by one of our showrooms today.

Laundry Appliance Accessories FAQ

  • Q: What are laundry pedestals?
    A: Laundry pedestals are accessories designed to elevate your washer and dryer to a more convenient height. They provide additional storage space and reduce the strain of bending over when loading and unloading your laundry.
  • Q: How do detergent-less laundry systems work?
    A: Detergent-less laundry systems use advanced technologies such as ionization, oxidation, or activated oxygen to clean your clothes without the need for traditional detergents. These systems are eco-friendly, gentle on fabrics, and can help reduce detergent usage and water waste.
  • Q: Why should I use a drying rack?
    A: Drying racks offer a gentle and effective way to dry delicate items, such as sweaters, lingerie, and garments that require special care. They help prevent stretching, shrinking, and damage caused by traditional drying methods.
  • Q: What laundry detergents are available?
    A: Our range of laundry detergents includes options for various cleaning needs. From detergents formulated to tackle tough stains to those designed to protect colors and fabrics, we offer a selection of trusted brands that provide exceptional cleaning results.
  • Q: How do laundry machine cleaners help?
    A: Laundry machine cleaners are specially formulated to remove residue, odors, and build-up from your washer and dryer. Regular use of these cleaners helps maintain optimal performance, prevent issues, and prolong the lifespan of your appliances.
  • Q: Can I find laundry appliance accessories for all machine brands?
    A: Yes, our catalog includes laundry appliance accessories compatible with a wide range of machine brands. We offer accessories designed to fit different models and ensure compatibility with popular washer and dryer brands.